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Experiencing Abundant Life

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To Experience Biblical Realilty

Believers who are committed to Christ desperately desire to experience the presence of God in their lives. Searching to fill that void can unfortunately lead to seeking dependence on the Spirit’s supposed empowerment both for overcoming our inclination to sin and for living out our faith in Christ. Desperately trying to grasp hold of a lasting spiritual experience, most lose perspective of authentic Christian living and gravitate to embrace a “let-go-and-let-God” understanding, relying on the Spirit’s power to produce Christ-likeness in and through their lives.

This book addresses this misunderstanding and offers a way of escape in order to truly experience genuine biblical living. Authentic Christianity is ordinary living in an extraordinary manner. So, ESCAPE to experience biblical reality!

Free To Choose

Truth Over Myth in the Christian Life

TRUTH the other side of a MYTH

Coming from different religious backgrounds, whether Roman Catholic, Reformed, or Arminian, each brings with it doctrinal baggage that must be evaluated in light of Scripture. If not, misunderstandings become myths that are continually perpetuated and pervert Truth by misleading, distorting, and confusing God’s message to the Church.

We are FREE TO CHOOSE Truth over Myth in the Christian Life!

Rethinking Empowerment

Rethinking Empowerment addresses the confusion we face when we are told, You should live by the power of the Spirit. How is that reality lived out in your life and in mine? Is the Spirit the force and cause of the Christian’s ability to obey God’s Word? What is His role? What part does the believer play? Answering these and other relevant questions comprise the content of this book.

Choose to Live

Distinguishing Possessing Life from Experiencing Life

Jesus differentiated possessing spiritual life from experiencing abundant life (John 10:10b). This book addresses those distinctions first in the conversation between Jesus and the rich young ruler and second in Jesus’ exchanged-life teaching of saving life by losing life. In each case when Jesus said, “Follow Me,” His call never referred to salvation; rather His appeal was a call to discipleship for those who were already saved. Jesus’ instructions to the rich young ruler were two-directional: first, going to possess spiritual life and second, returning to follow Jesus in discipleship in order to experience abundant life. Jesus’ exchanged-life teaching is embedded within His calls to discipleship. Experiencing an enriched life is only available to believers who choose to follow Jesus in discipleship; they Choose to Live in intimate fellowship with Him.